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Fastening Systems

We offer many different types of fastening systems for roofing and cladding profiles, and will help make sure our customers are supplied with the correct fastening systems for the project in question.¬† We also provide “self drilling” TEK type screws for fixing single skin sheets, insulated sheets, fibre cement and any other product, as well as longer screws to fix through additional insulation materials¬† etc.

Our range of fastening systems are suitable for fixing into a variety of materials including:

  • Timber

  • Sheet Through Insulation To Wood, Z Purlin &¬†Angle Iron

  • Cold Rolled Steel

  • Hot Rolled Steel

  • Fixing Single Skin Sheeting

  • Fixing Composite Insulated Panels

  • Fixing P6 Fibre Cement Sheets

  • Fixing Build Up Systems

  • Stitch Screws

  • Moulded Heads To Suit

All of our fixings come with a bonded washer which are available in 16mm, 19mm and 32mm.